About Haeger

Haeger Engineering LLC was founded in 1969 by Albert E. Haeger as Haeger Kramer Associates. Under Mr. Haeger’s leadership the firm, originally headquartered in downtown Chicago, enjoyed a successful run of over 30 years. Mr. Haeger’s hands-on approach to engineering served the company well through the decades that saw considerable AEC industry volatility. His dedication to mentoring young talent is reflected in the current senior staff and in generations of engineers who benefited from their well-remembered time spent working under him.
The current leadership team of Len Kleinjan and Mike Anderson recast the firm in 2002. Todd Shaffer and Kevin Shaffer joined the leadership team shortly thereafter.

In 2016 Haeger Engineering merged with Marchris Engineering, adding Marchris’ 40 years of experience in Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Construction Management and Expert Witness testimony to our growing capabilities.

Hands-On Engineering Since 1969